Vante is a Taehyung-centered BTS zine that celebrates Taehyung's wonderful art and life. The zine will feature artists and writers who will showcase Taehyung's timeless qualities through platonic relationships as well as Taehyung by himself.

theme & concept.

The zine is a love letter to Taehyung, and an ode to his love, creativity, and passions. It is an open-themed concept that includes anything relating to art and its relevant subcultures. This includes music, visual arts, fashion, poetry, and even the way Taehyung loves! (So yes, even something featuring Taehyung and Yeontan spending time together is accepted!) It is not limited to just the style "Vante" that Taehyung creates, but a broader theme of Taehyung and his love for the world ♡

zine specifications.

The zine will feature a total of 60 contributors: 9 writers, 46 page artists, and 5 merchandise artists. This project will offer both digital and physical versions. The zine will measure at A5 size.*The total number of contributors is subject to changes.WRITERS
Writers will create a story of up to 2,500 words or a poem of up to 2 pages.
Page artists will have the option to create a vertical 1-page piece or a horizontal 2-page spread.
The cover artist will create 1 fully illustrated, colored artwork with Taehyung as the main focus for the cover page of the zine. Background from the first will be carried over around the spine and for the back.
(Page artists interested in drawing for cover can pitch a cover idea, the selected artist will have the option of doing both 1 page and the cover)
Merch artists will create fully illustrated, colored artwork with Taehyung as the main focus.


What is Vante: Taehyung Zine?
A Taehyung-centric zine themed around his creativity and love for the world and people around him.
What is a zine?
A zine is a collection of works, both art and/or written, that is created and compiled by fans into a book form.
Is Vante for profit?
No, we are a charity zine! We will be donating 100% of our proceeds to a chosen charitable organization. More information on the organization will be released once we have chosen it.
How much will the zine cost?
Our zine's cost is undecided until the results of our interest check are published.
Is NSFW allowed?
No, as this zine is open to minors. Light nudity is allowed, ie. a bare chest.
What will be the content rating for this zine?
The zine will be SFW/T-rated and will not feature RPS content. This means limited cursing, and only mild romantic content, ie. hand-holding, etc.

Can I apply if I’m under 18?
What subjects/themes are off-limits for applications and submissions?
For the content you submit in your application, there should be absolutely no depictions of: incest, mpreg, non-con/dub-con, bestiality (including NSFW hybrids), underage relationships, omegaverse or zoophilia.
Can I apply to be a page artist, merch artist and a writer?
Yes! However, you may only be accepted to fill one position. If we like your application and want you on our team, we’ll accept you for the position that we feel best represents what you can do.
Note: This cannot be changed once you have been accepted.I’m a traditional artist, can I still apply?
Yes! We just ask that you are able to scan and submit your final pieces, should you be chosen.
I’m a writer and I don’t currently have any published works that feature Taehyung. Am I able to submit a WIP as my excerpt example?
Yes! Your excerpts do not have to be from published works. We just want to see what you’re capable of!
Can I apply with RPS (real person shipping) fics/art?
Yes, but do note that all zine pieces will be platonic!
Will you be reviewing applications anonymously?
This would be too inefficient for our chosen process of reviewing applications, which will be as objective and neutral as possible. We will not be considering any other factors such as popularity, as we don't believe that's an important factor of being a good writer or artist. The mod team will only be focusing on the application and submitted work.
How many applications have you received so far?
We'll be keeping the number of applications received to ourselves until the deadline so as not to cause any unnecessary anxiety for those who still want to apply. Check back once applications closes and we'll make an announcement about the number of applications we received!

How will the contributors be compensated?
All contributors, regardless of sales, will receive a free, digital PDF copy of the zine. If we meet all sales projections and make enough money to do so, we will give each contributor a physical copy of the zine for free as compensation for their efforts. However, if we don’t end up meeting the sales projections, then we may ask for the contributors to cover the cost of just the zine (free shipping).
How will you choose who gets to participate?
We have a team of experienced moderators who come from all kinds of creative backgrounds including designers, creative writers, and artists. There are 5 of us in total, and we will be thoroughly assessing each and every application we receive using a points-based voting system to select our line-up as objectively and as neutrally as possible.
For artists, would short, comic-style pieces be permitted?
(as in: in our final pieces for the zine, should we be chosen)
Yes! A comic-style piece would be a lovely addition to the zine. Please bear in mind, though, that it would have to fit the single-page or 2-page spread requirements.
For writers, does the writing mod team focus on grammar, etc, or do they have a say in the content of the piece?
As the zine's theme is open-prompt, we're encouraging as much individuality and creative freedom as possible. The feedback provided during the process will mainly focus on grammar, spelling, etc. The only time moderators will have a say in your content will be if there are any obvious similarities/overlaps with other contributor pieces, or if something isn't within the zine guidelines.
What is a guest artist/writer?
Guest artists/writers will be invited to join our team of contributors without having to go through the application process, like all other participants. We'll offer them a guaranteed position.
Why are certain things off-limits/restricted?
We’ve put restrictions on certain themes, kinks, etc. that could potentially make our contributors or future readers of the zine uncomfortable.
How can we get in contact with the mods?
You can DM us on the zine’s Twitter, send us a message on retrospring, or send us an email. Alternatively, you can DM the mods on their personal Twitter accounts, as listed in the moderators section.


Interest Check
Contributor Applications
Application Results Sent
Pitches Due
Contributors Announcement
Assignments Finalized
Creation Period
Final Submissions
Printing & Shipping

February 1 - February 15
March 1 - March 29
April 5
April 15
April 17
April 22
May - July
August 15
September 25 - November 15
January - February

*This zine operates in KSTThese dates are all estimates and are subject to changes.
Any and all changes will be announced on twitter & corrected here!